springboot bootBuildImage

2024. 3. 21. 16:07OpenSource/Spring Boot


bootBuildImage라는게 있어서 돌려보았습니다.

아래의 오류 메시지가 떴습니다. What the..ㅋㅋ

Image name must be in the form '[domainHost:port/][path/]name', with 'path' and 'name' containing only [a-z0-9][.][_][-]

bootBuildImage관련해서 아래의 사이트나 help를 통해 알아봅시다.

./gradlew help --task :bootBuildImage

./gradlew help --task :bootBuildImage

> Task :help
Detailed task information for :bootBuildImage


     BootBuildImage (org.springframework.boot.gradle.tasks.bundling.BootBuildImage)

     --applicationDirectory     The directory containing application content in the image

     --builder     The name of the builder image to use

     --cleanCache     Clean caches before packaging

     --no-cleanCache     Disables option --cleanCache.

     --createdDate     The date to use as the created date of the image

     --imageName     The name of the image to generate

     --network     Connect detect and build containers to network

     --publishImage     Publish the built image to a registry

     --no-publishImage     Disables option --publishImage.

     --pullPolicy     The image pull policy
                      Available values are:

     --runImage     The name of the run image to use

     --securityOptions     Security options that will be applied to the builder container

     --rerun     Causes the task to be re-run even if up-to-date.

     Builds an OCI image of the application using the output of the bootJar task


1 actionable task: 1 executed

./gradlew bootBuildImage --imageName test

./gradlew bootBuildImage --imageName test                                  

> Task :bootBuildImage
Building image 'docker.io/library/test:latest'

 > Pulling builder image 'docker.io/paketobuildpacks/builder-jammy-base:latest' ..................................................
 > Pulled builder image 'paketobuildpacks/builder-jammy-base@sha256:7ad2a6c523605a641a3281edac228447e46f641f3063e20f7c25491895121332'
 > Pulling run image 'docker.io/paketobuildpacks/run-jammy-base:latest' ..................................................
 > Pulled run image 'paketobuildpacks/run-jammy-base@sha256:8431203470391fc58454b71bdb917f53c20f403892fbb447f4ea5265a8d7cf49'
 > Executing lifecycle version v0.19.0
 > Using build cache volume 'pack-cache-e9d5f5abcb34.build'

 > Running creator
    [creator]     ===> ANALYZING
    [creator]     Image with name "docker.io/library/test:latest" not found
    [creator]     ===> DETECTING
    [creator]     6 of 26 buildpacks participating
    [creator]     paketo-buildpacks/ca-certificates   3.6.8
    [creator]     paketo-buildpacks/bellsoft-liberica 10.5.3
    [creator]     paketo-buildpacks/syft              1.45.0
    [creator]     paketo-buildpacks/executable-jar    6.8.4
    [creator]     paketo-buildpacks/dist-zip          5.6.9
    [creator]     paketo-buildpacks/spring-boot       5.27.10
    [creator]     ===> RESTORING
    [creator]     ===> BUILDING
    [creator]     Paketo Buildpack for CA Certificates 3.6.8
    [creator]       https://github.com/paketo-buildpacks/ca-certificates
    [creator]       Launch Helper: Contributing to layer
    [creator]         Creating /layers/paketo-buildpacks_ca-certificates/helper/exec.d/ca-certificates-helper
    [creator]     Paketo Buildpack for BellSoft Liberica 10.5.3
    [creator]       https://github.com/paketo-buildpacks/bellsoft-liberica
    [creator]       Build Configuration:
    [creator]         $BP_JVM_JLINK_ARGS           --no-man-pages --no-header-files --strip-debug --compress=1  configure custom link arguments (--output must be omitted)
    [creator]         $BP_JVM_JLINK_ENABLED        false                                                        enables running jlink tool to generate custom JRE
    [creator]         $BP_JVM_TYPE                 JRE                                                          the JVM type - JDK or JRE
    [creator]         $BP_JVM_VERSION              17                                                           the Java version
    [creator]       Launch Configuration:
    [creator]         $BPL_DEBUG_ENABLED           false                                                        enables Java remote debugging support
    [creator]         $BPL_DEBUG_PORT              8000                                                         configure the remote debugging port
    [creator]         $BPL_DEBUG_SUSPEND           false                                                        configure whether to suspend execution until a debugger has attached
    [creator]         $BPL_HEAP_DUMP_PATH                                                                       write heap dumps on error to this path
    [creator]         $BPL_JAVA_NMT_ENABLED        true                                                         enables Java Native Memory Tracking (NMT)
    [creator]         $BPL_JAVA_NMT_LEVEL          summary                                                      configure level of NMT, summary or detail
    [creator]         $BPL_JFR_ARGS                                                                             configure custom Java Flight Recording (JFR) arguments
    [creator]         $BPL_JFR_ENABLED             false                                                        enables Java Flight Recording (JFR)
    [creator]         $BPL_JMX_ENABLED             false                                                        enables Java Management Extensions (JMX)
    [creator]         $BPL_JMX_PORT                5000                                                         configure the JMX port
    [creator]         $BPL_JVM_HEAD_ROOM           0                                                            the headroom in memory calculation
    [creator]         $BPL_JVM_LOADED_CLASS_COUNT  35% of classes                                               the number of loaded classes in memory calculation
    [creator]         $BPL_JVM_THREAD_COUNT        250                                                          the number of threads in memory calculation
    [creator]         $JAVA_TOOL_OPTIONS                                                                        the JVM launch flags
    [creator]         Using Java version 21 extracted from MANIFEST.MF
    [creator]       BellSoft Liberica JRE 21.0.2: Contributing to layer
    [creator]         Downloading from https://github.com/bell-sw/Liberica/releases/download/21.0.2+14/bellsoft-jre21.0.2+14-linux-amd64.tar.gz
    [creator]         Verifying checksum
    [creator]         Expanding to /layers/paketo-buildpacks_bellsoft-liberica/jre
    [creator]         Adding 137 container CA certificates to JVM truststore
    [creator]         Writing env.launch/BPI_APPLICATION_PATH.default
    [creator]         Writing env.launch/BPI_JVM_CACERTS.default
    [creator]         Writing env.launch/BPI_JVM_CLASS_COUNT.default
    [creator]         Writing env.launch/BPI_JVM_SECURITY_PROVIDERS.default
    [creator]         Writing env.launch/JAVA_HOME.default
    [creator]         Writing env.launch/JAVA_TOOL_OPTIONS.append
    [creator]         Writing env.launch/JAVA_TOOL_OPTIONS.delim
    [creator]         Writing env.launch/MALLOC_ARENA_MAX.default
    [creator]       Launch Helper: Contributing to layer
    [creator]         Creating /layers/paketo-buildpacks_bellsoft-liberica/helper/exec.d/active-processor-count
    [creator]         Creating /layers/paketo-buildpacks_bellsoft-liberica/helper/exec.d/java-opts
    [creator]         Creating /layers/paketo-buildpacks_bellsoft-liberica/helper/exec.d/jvm-heap
    [creator]         Creating /layers/paketo-buildpacks_bellsoft-liberica/helper/exec.d/link-local-dns
    [creator]         Creating /layers/paketo-buildpacks_bellsoft-liberica/helper/exec.d/memory-calculator
    [creator]         Creating /layers/paketo-buildpacks_bellsoft-liberica/helper/exec.d/security-providers-configurer
    [creator]         Creating /layers/paketo-buildpacks_bellsoft-liberica/helper/exec.d/jmx
    [creator]         Creating /layers/paketo-buildpacks_bellsoft-liberica/helper/exec.d/jfr
    [creator]         Creating /layers/paketo-buildpacks_bellsoft-liberica/helper/exec.d/openssl-certificate-loader
    [creator]         Creating /layers/paketo-buildpacks_bellsoft-liberica/helper/exec.d/security-providers-classpath-9
    [creator]         Creating /layers/paketo-buildpacks_bellsoft-liberica/helper/exec.d/debug-9
    [creator]         Creating /layers/paketo-buildpacks_bellsoft-liberica/helper/exec.d/nmt
    [creator]       Java Security Properties: Contributing to layer
    [creator]         Writing env.launch/JAVA_SECURITY_PROPERTIES.default
    [creator]         Writing env.launch/JAVA_TOOL_OPTIONS.append
    [creator]         Writing env.launch/JAVA_TOOL_OPTIONS.delim
    [creator]     Paketo Buildpack for Syft 1.45.0
    [creator]       https://github.com/paketo-buildpacks/syft
    [creator]         Downloading from https://github.com/anchore/syft/releases/download/v0.105.0/syft_0.105.0_linux_amd64.tar.gz
    [creator]         Verifying checksum
    [creator]         Writing env.build/SYFT_CHECK_FOR_APP_UPDATE.default
    [creator]     Paketo Buildpack for Executable JAR 6.8.4
    [creator]       https://github.com/paketo-buildpacks/executable-jar
    [creator]       Command "packages" is deprecated, use `syft scan` instead
    [creator]       Class Path: Contributing to layer
    [creator]         Writing env/CLASSPATH.delim
    [creator]         Writing env/CLASSPATH.prepend
    [creator]       Process types:
    [creator]         executable-jar: java org.springframework.boot.loader.launch.JarLauncher (direct)
    [creator]         task:           java org.springframework.boot.loader.launch.JarLauncher (direct)
    [creator]         web:            java org.springframework.boot.loader.launch.JarLauncher (direct)
    [creator]     Paketo Buildpack for Spring Boot 5.27.10
    [creator]       https://github.com/paketo-buildpacks/spring-boot
    [creator]       Build Configuration:
    [creator]         $BP_SPRING_CLOUD_BINDINGS_DISABLED   false  whether to contribute Spring Boot cloud bindings support
    [creator]         $BP_SPRING_CLOUD_BINDINGS_VERSION    1      default version of Spring Cloud Bindings library to contribute
    [creator]       Launch Configuration:
    [creator]         $BPL_SPRING_CLOUD_BINDINGS_DISABLED  false  whether to auto-configure Spring Boot environment properties from bindings
    [creator]         $BPL_SPRING_CLOUD_BINDINGS_ENABLED   true   Deprecated - whether to auto-configure Spring Boot environment properties from bindings
    [creator]       Creating slices from layers index
    [creator]         dependencies (24.5 MB)
    [creator]         spring-boot-loader (446.0 KB)
    [creator]         snapshot-dependencies (0.0 B)
    [creator]         application (241.3 KB)
    [creator]       Launch Helper: Contributing to layer
    [creator]         Creating /layers/paketo-buildpacks_spring-boot/helper/exec.d/spring-cloud-bindings
    [creator]       Spring Cloud Bindings 2.0.2: Contributing to layer
    [creator]         Downloading from https://repo1.maven.org/maven2/org/springframework/cloud/spring-cloud-bindings/2.0.2/spring-cloud-bindings-2.0.2.jar
    [creator]         Verifying checksum
    [creator]         Copying to /layers/paketo-buildpacks_spring-boot/spring-cloud-bindings
    [creator]       Web Application Type: Contributing to layer
    [creator]         Servlet web application detected
    [creator]         Writing env.launch/BPL_JVM_THREAD_COUNT.default
    [creator]       4 application slices
    [creator]       Image labels:
    [creator]         org.opencontainers.image.title
    [creator]         org.opencontainers.image.version
    [creator]         org.springframework.boot.version
    [creator]     ===> EXPORTING
    [creator]     Adding layer 'paketo-buildpacks/ca-certificates:helper'
    [creator]     Adding layer 'paketo-buildpacks/bellsoft-liberica:helper'
    [creator]     Adding layer 'paketo-buildpacks/bellsoft-liberica:java-security-properties'
    [creator]     Adding layer 'paketo-buildpacks/bellsoft-liberica:jre'
    [creator]     Adding layer 'paketo-buildpacks/executable-jar:classpath'
    [creator]     Adding layer 'paketo-buildpacks/spring-boot:helper'
    [creator]     Adding layer 'paketo-buildpacks/spring-boot:spring-cloud-bindings'
    [creator]     Adding layer 'paketo-buildpacks/spring-boot:web-application-type'
    [creator]     Adding layer 'buildpacksio/lifecycle:launch.sbom'
    [creator]     Adding 5/5 app layer(s)
    [creator]     Adding layer 'buildpacksio/lifecycle:launcher'
    [creator]     Adding layer 'buildpacksio/lifecycle:config'
    [creator]     Adding layer 'buildpacksio/lifecycle:process-types'
    [creator]     Adding label 'io.buildpacks.lifecycle.metadata'
    [creator]     Adding label 'io.buildpacks.build.metadata'
    [creator]     Adding label 'io.buildpacks.project.metadata'
    [creator]     Adding label 'org.opencontainers.image.title'
    [creator]     Adding label 'org.opencontainers.image.version'
    [creator]     Adding label 'org.springframework.boot.version'
    [creator]     Setting default process type 'web'
    [creator]     Saving docker.io/library/test:latest...
    [creator]     *** Images (7d4be2312d3d):
    [creator]           docker.io/library/test:latest
    [creator]     Adding cache layer 'paketo-buildpacks/syft:syft'
    [creator]     Adding cache layer 'buildpacksio/lifecycle:cache.sbom'

Successfully built image 'docker.io/library/test:latest'

5 actionable tasks: 1 executed, 4 up-to-date

옵션에서는 tag관련해서는 보이지가 않네요

아래처럼 ./gradlew bootBuildImage --imageName=dokcerImage:dev 를 해봤는데 Failed가 나는군요 ㅠㅠ

그래서 꼼수로 test:latest라고 되어있는 것을
dev 태그로 변경하고 싶으면..
docker tag test:latest test:dev 명령어를 통해 test:dev를 만들어줍니다.
뭔가 맘에 들진 않네요..음..걍 Dockerfile이 깔끔할려나요?? ㅋㅋ

다시 돌아와서 아래처럼 ./gradlew bootBuildImage --imageName=dokcerImage:dev 명령어에 대한 fail에 대한 오류를 봤더니
a-z ??? 소문자만 되는군요!! 오류가 나는 이유가 대문자를 넣어서 였기 때문입니다 ㅋㅋ

다시 명령어를 정비해서 날려보면!!!
./gradlew bootBuildImage --imageName bk-middleware:dev

아래와 같이 빌드가 되어 이미지가 만들어졌음을 알수 있습니다.
Successfully built image 'docker.io/library/bk-middleware:dev'
5 actionable tasks: 1 executed, 4 up-to-date

그런데..44 years ago는 뭘까요? ㅋㅋㅋ 

그리고 매번 명령어에 --imageName을 넣어서 하기에는 너무 귀찮습니다.
build.gradle에 아래와 같이 넣어주면 그냥 bootBuildImage만 실행하면 됩니다.

bootBuildImage {
   imageName = "bk-middleware:dev"

다시 위에서 44년 전에 만들어졌다고 뻥을 치는것을 수정해보자!
createdDate = "now"를 넣어주면 됩니다.

bootBuildImage {
	imageName = "idock.daumkakao.io/teri_epi/bk-middleware:dev"
	createdDate = "now"

결과는? About a minute age로 나오네요 ㅎㅎ

이상 springboot를 사용한다면 이제 bootBuildImage를 사용해서 image를 만들면 됩니다!
Dockerfile 빠이요!

마지막으로 처음에 그냥 bootBuildImage를 돌렸을 때 오류가 난 이유는 프로젝트이름이 대소문자로 되어있어서 오류가..났던 부분입니다.
tag 테스트도 처음에 오류가 난 이유는..대소문자 혼합된 카멜케이스로 이미지명을 지어서입니다. 

대소문자에 민감한 친구이니 소문자로 해줍시다!

p.s docker run은?

docker run -d --name middleware -p 9000:8080 -it bk-middleware:dev -e JAVA_OPTS="-Dspring.profiles.active=dev"

docker container ls 를 해보면 아래와 같습니다. -p에서 노출할 포트가 9000 / 스프링부트의 포트가 8080 입니다.

접속은 localhost:9000/블라블라로 접속하면 됩니다.



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