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리눅스 명령어 netstat -altunp

OS/Linux&Unix 2012.09.10 11:38
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by ace-T

열려있는 포트를 알아 볼 때 사용 한다. 매우 유용하다^-^good~
netstat -altunp

옵션 : 
아래의 옵션은 man netstat 를 통해서 발췌한 내용이다.
 --verbose , -v
       Tell the user what is going on by being verbose. Especially print  some
       useful information about unconfigured address families.

--numeric , -n
       Show  numerical addresses instead of trying to determine symbolic host,
       port or user names.

       shows numerical host addresses but does not affect  the  resolution  of
       port or user names.

       shows numerical port numbers but does not affect the resolution of host
       or user names.

       shows numerical user IDs but does not affect the resolution of host  or
       port names.

   --protocol=family , -A
       Specifies  the  address families (perhaps better described as low level
       protocols) for which connections are to be shown.  family  is  a  comma
       (’,’)  separated  list of address family keywords like inet, unix, ipx,
       ax25, netrom, and ddp.  This has the same effect as using  the  --inet,
       --unix (-x), --ipx, --ax25, --netrom, and --ddp options.

       The address family inet includes raw, udp and tcp protocol sockets.

   -c, --continuous
       This  will cause netstat to print the selected information every second

   -e, --extend
       Display additional information.  Use  this  option  twice  for  maximum

   -o, --timers
       Include information related to networking timers.

-p, --program
       Show the PID and name of the program to which each socket belongs.

 -l, --listening
       Show only listening sockets.  (These are omitted by default.)

 -a, --all
       Show  both  listening and non-listening sockets.  With the --interfaces
       option, show interfaces that are not marked

       Print routing information from the FIB.  (This is the default.)

       Print routing information from the route cache.

   -Z --context
       If SELinux enabled print SELinux context.

   -T --notrim
       Stop trimming long addresses.

       Netstat will cycle printing through  statistics  every  delay  seconds.

 netstat {--statistics|-s} [--tcp|-t] [--udp|-u] [--raw|-w] [delay]

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