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Connection refused. Check that the hostname and port are correct and that the postmaster is accepting TCP/IP connections

DataBase/Postgresql 2013.01.16 19:04
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by ace-T

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JNDI lookup for name [database.driver.ClassName] threw NamingException with message: database.driver.ClassName not bound. Returning null.

이런 에러가 났다면...

환경은 Spring3.1 & Jboss & Postgre9.x

의 postgres-ds.xml 을 열어서...
<datasources> 부분을 수정 하면 된다. 다른 서버이름 데이터베이스이름 등등이 틀렸었다..ㅋㅋ
    <xa-datasource-property name="ServerName">localhost</xa-datasource-property>
    <xa-datasource-property name="PortNumber">5432</xa-datasource-property>
    <xa-datasource-property name="DatabaseName">postgres</xa-datasource-property>
    <xa-datasource-property name="User">postgres</xa-datasource-property>
    <xa-datasource-property name="Password">acet1004</xa-datasource-property>

위의 부분을 수정하니 잘돌아갔다^-^good~

acet 박태하가 추천하는 readtrend 추천글!




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