springbatch setting시 오류: Spring Boot plugin requires Gradle 5 (5.6.x only) or Gradle 6 (6.3 or later). The current version is Gradle 4.10.3

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Spring Boot Reference Documentation

This section goes into more detail about how you should use Spring Boot. It covers topics such as build systems, auto-configuration, and how to run your applications. We also cover some Spring Boot best practices. Although there is nothing particularly spe


스프링 사용 시 버전에 맞게 사용하자~


빌드 툴도 역시나! 버전에 맞게~

Tomcat, jetty 등등도~버전을 체크!

자바 버전도! SpringBoot 2.3.2 Release는 요구된다칸다! 8이상이~

스프링프레임워크는 5.2.8 또는 그 상위가 요구!



그래들은 https://gradle.org/releases/에서 다운 받자!