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Integer.valueOf / Integer.parseInt

Language/Java 2016.05.19 23:13
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by ace-T

왜 자꾸 오류가 나나..싶었는데...

Integer.valueOf(queryTimeStr); // queryTimeStr은 스트링형태가 확실했다...

원인은 범위를 넘어서였다..-_-;;

삽질 하다니 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

acet 박태하가 추천하는 readtrend 추천글!




  • BlogIcon Geetha 2016.06.10 14:48 신고 답글 | 수정/삭제 | ADDR

    This blog provides useful information about new techniques and concepts.very impressive lines are given which is very attractive.

    • Favicon of BlogIcon String Ace-T 2016.06.11 01:40 신고 수정/삭제

      Thank you for your comment and visit!
      and I am happy because of your message:D
      Thanks! I wanna share infos more and more :D

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